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Ready for the Tall Ships Crew Parade crew.

Inside The Tall Ships Crew Parade by Nastassaja Simensky (Guest Blog)

A behind the scenes look at the Tall Ships Race Crew Parades as the crew of the schooner Trinovante prepare to give it their all.

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The Spirit of Enderby In The Antarctic

Sailing in the wake of Scott of the Antarctic by Alison Jolley (Guest Blog)

It’s one hundred years since Captain Robert Falcon Scott set sail on the Terra Nova to the Antarctic.
Alison Jolley joins descendants of those explorers on a voyage to the Antarctic to commemorate the centenary of that fateful expedition.

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Latest News On Trinovante’s Spring Refit

Today the sun is shining, spring is in the air and Trinovante is almost ready for the summer season.
and our 7th year chartering. So here’s the latest news on the spring refit…

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