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Posts from the ‘What’s On The Slipway?’ Category

Getting Trinovante ready for sailing holidays

Trinovante nearly ready for 2011 summer sailing holidays.

SchoonerSail has their schooner Trinovante almost ready for this summers sailing holidays.
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On The Slip Way – Cockle Fishing Boat The ‘Wash Pilgrim’

Hugh Fernley Whittingstall with the ‘Great Fish Fight’ and celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey are encouraging us to eat a wider variety of sustainably sourced sea food. but for some reason they rarely think of the humble cockle…

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The Fishing Smack Pioneer On The Slipway

Trinovante is booked on the St Osyth Boatyard Slipway for antifouling in March. Before us the fishing smack ‘Pioneer’ is in for routine maintenance. Pioneer looks like a brand new boat and needs a minimum of routine maintenance; a bit of recaulking here, a seacock checked there and some new paint. In fact Pioneer was built way back in 1864 at Rowhedge.

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