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4th March 2011

Latest News On Trinovante’s Spring Refit

Latest News On Trinovante's Spring Refit

Today the sun is shining, spring is in the air and we are getting Trinovante ready for the summer season.

This is SchoonerSail’s seventh year chartering and our first two sailing weekends here in our home waters on the Thames Estuary are fast approaching. There are still spaces available if you, too, are feeling the anticipation of the summers sailing coursing through your viens. Both of these weekends are now bank holidays because of the royal wedding so you can take maximum advantage of that little bit extra holiday.

John and I are always busy throughout the winter working on Trinovante. Some years we do fairly major works such as fitting the extra toilet and holding tank last year or re-ballasting and extending the keel and rudder the year before.
This year we have been making lots of small modifications to streamline systems onboard and make life more comfortable for our sailing guests.

More Equipmentfuruno fax 207
New equipment this season includes a weather fax printer which we bought on ebay last week. We have been hankering after one of these for years. Now it’s rigged up on a temporary aerial so I can play with it before we send it off for a service.
Our new LED anchor light was shining above the other masts last night like a super bright star in the sky, which means the old paraffin light is well and truly retired. Somehow I don’t think John is going to miss it!

Quieter anchoring for Trinovante

Quieter anchoring for Trinovante, John finishes the job.

More Comfort
People who have sailed on board before will notice better insulation in the forward accommodation,
keeping the boat cooler in hot weather and warmer in colder weather.

Quieter Anchoring
This photo on the right is of John lining the anchor trough with some greenheart wood salvaged from old pilings at Harwich. For years we have winced at the noise made by the anchor chain rattling in the steel trough when weighing anchor. Especially on a quiet calm morning in a beautiful anchorage. Hopefully the new wood will make our departures quieter as we raise the anchor and sail to sea.

Latest News On Trinovante's Spring Refit

Painting Trinovante

Looking Smart For The Summers Sailing
Amazingly the paint job above the water line on the boat is nearly finished and the topsides are shiny with new gloss and looking smart for sea. It has been a bit of a challenge working around the weather but we did it and we love the satisfaction of having a smart, well maintained boat. Now the topsides are finished we are working on the deck.

The next job is painting and antifouling below the water line. The paint arrived today and Trinovante is booked on the slip for 21st of March. Yikes, got to go now, lots to do….

You will be able to read about Trinovante on the slipway in a blog posting soon.

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