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26th October 2012

A Sailing Holiday And Pastry Tour of Denmark

A Sailing Holiday And Pastry Tour of Denmark

The Sailing Voyage – Oslo to Copenhagen 2012

The Crew – Julie, Stephen, Lucy, Chris, Mike, Ben, Su and John

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The schooner Trinovante with the frigate Jelland in the background
This year’s itinerary included a voyage into the Baltic around the Danish coast, from Oslo down to Copenhagen. We started from the impressive setting of Oslo’s (fairly) new opera house, opposite which Trinovante was moored. In fact, this voyage was notable for the prodigious mooring locations at every stop (by the fortress walls of Fredrikstad old town, on the island idyll of Anholt, next the historic Frigate Jylland in Ebeltoft, opposite Hamlet’s castle in Helsingor and finally right in front of the Amlienborg palace in Copenhagen).

Danish pastry

Early on in our trip a fair wind allowed us to make the sea crossing to Denmark.

Force 7 wind and 3m waves were countered by clear night skies with a pristine view of the Milky Way and shooting stars.

Danish cheese platter

We made good time and in less than 30 hours we reached the island of Anholt (a small nature reserve island described as a cross between the Scilly isles and Lundy). After this crossing we were hungry, partly due to the efforts of the sailing, but more likely because most of us had succumbed to seasickness in varying degrees. Thankfully this was solved by our first introduction to proper Danish pastries. We apologise to all other visitors to Anholt’s bakery that day for the lack of stock.

The endless supply of pastries (courtesy of crew member Chris – who bizarrely doesn’t eat them) then continued for the remainder of our voyage with apple and marzipan and chocolate and custard and…

Oh yes, sorry I must have wandered off! So, in summary, Denmark is a great destination for a holiday with friendly people and some fantastic towns and cities. But of course mostly it’s for the pastries. Oh and the cheese, I forgot to mention the cheeses…

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