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5th June 2011

Off the beaten track on a sailing holiday in Norway.

A sailing holiday amongst Norway's Fjords and Islands

Text and photograpy by guest blogger Barrie.

Thanks also to James Littlewood and his wife for the photo of trinovante sailing round Stad headland. They are also sailing to the North of Norway this summer on their yacht ‘Paddington’.

First sight.

It is said that if you loose your sight your other senses heighten to compensate. Perhaps you just become more aware of what has
always been around you. I am thankful that the only sight that
I have lost is that of land. A small price to pay for shooting stars
and Dolphins, good company and growing friendships. Each of us
aboard eager to reach a destination new or, revisit pleasant

Aboard a tall ship you can see beyond your dreams.


Norway is a land of texture and shade, where lichens clothe the fractured rocks in a tapestry of muted colours and old iron, caste aside, weathers to rusted works of art.

Photographed textures from Norway

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