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16th July 2012

Which Jaffa Cake On Your Schooner Sailing Holiday? The SchoonerSail crew put them to the test.

Which Jaffa Cake On Your Schooner Sailing Holiday? The SchoonerSail crew put them to the test.

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Which Jaffa Cake on your sailing holiday

Which Jaffa Cake on your sailing holiday


The aim of the study was to determine what allegedly Jaffa style cakes will be fed to future crews of the schooner Trinovante on their sailing holidays (Su and John reserve the right to stock any style of allegedly Jaffa style cake and completely ignore the results of this study).


This study involved blind tasting of two different brands of allegedly Jaffa style cakes. No touching, smelling, sniffing, sucking or other wise sensing means was allowed other than taste.

Each participant rated the allegedly Jaffa style cake on the following three criteria – flavour, texture and moorishness and also tried to guess the brand.

Participants were advised of the following possible side effects:

  • nausea
  • extreme need for a cup of tea
  • anaphylactic shock (although this is rare but has been reported in in 2009 by ‘Bloggs, Dick, Pratt’, et al , settled out of court for an undisclosed sum, the person in question is still on speaking terms with the authors of the study but can now no longer look anything orangey in the eye again).

Participation in this study did not affect the crews standard of catering provision provided by Trinovante however, participants were warned that any negative publicity as a result of the study may result in their alcohol allowance being reduced, afternoon snooze rights being withdrawn, having to wash up more often or even cooking their own dinner.

Participants were free to withdraw from the study at any time provided they gave ten days written notice in a language other than English excluding Anglo Saxon, Sanskrit and Gibberish.
Withdrawal did not affect their statutory rights or human rights under the Geneva convention as long as they were within 12 nautical miles of the shore.




Seven participants were involved in the Jaffa Cake tasting study. An overwhelming 71.4% gave preference for the Tesco Everyday Value supermarket own brand, 28.6% did not have a preference and none preferred the leading brand of Mc Vities Jaffa Cake. Howard, who had supplied the Mc Vities from his own very large private supply of chocolate and cakes was astonished he himself could not tell the difference

This study was restricted to two brands of alleged Jaffa style cake because that’s all we had. A more comprehensive study will take place at a later date. The senses of the limited number of study participants may all have been hindered by 13 days at sea with limited washing and too much tea (first mate and skipper say is it possible to have too much tea?  We don’t think so!).

The implications of the above findings were that all future supplies on board Trinovante will continue to be of the value supermarket own Jaffa style cakes. However, all participants involved in this study were all Jaffa’ed out and could not face any further Jaffa style cakes on the rest of their voyage.

Dr M.Marshall PhD IOL & J.Scoble BSc SRM

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