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1st August 2011

SchoonerSailors Paul And Lyn’s Sailing Holiday In Norway

SchoonerSailors Paul And Lyn's Sailing Holiday In Norway

By Paul Connor and Lyn Walby
with photos by Ben Brooking

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Paul and Lyn joined one of SchoonerSail’s adventure sailing holidays from Tromso to Sandnessjoen via the Lofoten Islands

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The schooner Trinovante anchored in a fjord on a Norway sailing holiday

You can just about see Trinovante anchored in the bright blue glacial water.

Google and Adventure Sailing Holidays

I forgave Paul, my husband, for all the hours he spent browsing the internet for adventure sailing holidays in Norway when we anchored here. The fact that there was snow on the tops of the mountains was the only clue that we weren’t in the Caribbean, but north of the Arctic Circle. The mussels we gathered on the beach here were excellent too – another first for me, as was the fish I’d caught earlier when we were sailing in the Lofotens. And this year, the endlessly patient Su has exercised her sail training skills magnificently and I can now tie a bowline & a clove hitch, and just about work out the Fisherman’s hoist.

Paul carefully watching for windshifts.

Paul carefully watching for windshifts.

A Name For The New Sail?

Talking of Fishermen, Trinovante’s new sail, made of lightweight spinnaker material, needs to have a name. It isn’t a Fisherman topsail, as it is set on the mast and fixed to the deck. It has no spars, is a quadrilateral, hoisted instead of the foresail in light winds using the fore Fisherman’s running rigging.

One day, in a light following wind, we used a combination of running gear to hoist it so as to goose-wing with the main out to port and the Fishakker (?) out to starboard. Delicate steering was required to keep them both filled in the very light airs.

Photo of Arctic Terns by Ben Brooking - SchoonerSail Sailing Holidays

Otters, Reindeer and Arctic Terns

Su and John promised us that previous crews on their sailing holidays had seen whales, reindeer, otters and other land and sea mammals. Sea creatures did come aboard to be eaten, cod, saithe and the afore mentioned mussels.

Whales seemed unlikely to appear, although we did see a small group of dolphins. Ben (one of our fellow crew) showed off his camera skills and produced some excellent pictures of terns helping themselves to the innards of our supper.Photo of an otter - SchoonerSail Sailing holidays

At last, wandering gently up a superbly beautiful fjord otters appeared in numbers, and that evening, as we were heading for bunks, a lone reindeer appeared on the shore.


Coming Soon…

A selection of photos taken onboard Trinovante on this summer’s sailing holidays from the 1st mate Su.


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