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About SchoonerSail

Welcome To Our Sailing And Maritime Blog

Schoonersail runs sailing holidays on the three masted schooner ‘Trinovante’ pictured on the right.

Usually we  sail in the UK, Norway and the Netherlands.  Some years we do ’round Britain voyages’ or Tall Ships Races, most years we sail beyond the Arctic Circle. Every year is different.  Trinovante sails around 4000 miles a year, guest sailors  can sail with us for just a few days or several weeks .

This blog  was started in December 2010 so that people who sail with us,  or are thinking of sailing with us,  can keep up with what Trinovante is doing during the summer season.

In the summer sailing our schooner is what  we, and hopefully some of our guest sailors too, will be blogging about.

You can go to our main web site if you want to check out our sailing holiday schedule to see what Trinovante will be up to and check dates, places, and prices etc.

In the winter almost anything goes, but the blog will be mostly along a maritime theme.

Our main interests are in

  • sailing,  sorry to state the obvious!
  • the sea and coast around us
  • anything eccentric or off the beaten track
  • exploring as far as we can in the summer
  • traditional sail
  • tall ships and small ships, past and present
  • boat building and design