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The Dutch Ship Stad Amsterdam

Tall Ships Hartlepool By Photographer Richard Sibley (Guest Blog)

Richard Sibley from the Tall Ships Gallery writes on the SchoonerSail Blog about the excitement of photographing the Tall Ships Race from Hartlepool.

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Black Rose racing at Burnham

Working Traditional Sail By Michael Emmett And Kevin Murphy (Guest Blog)

Not so long ago there were no railways or HGV’s and nearly all goods were transported by sea, in sailing boats without engines. Fishing was the same. Michael Emmett and Kevin Murphy give us the insiders view of how it was done and take you on a journey as one of the crew in their book “WORKING TRADITIONAL SAIL”.

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The Fishing Smack Pioneer On The Slipway

The Fishing Smack Pioneer On The Slipway

Trinovante is booked on the St Osyth Boatyard Slipway for antifouling in March. Before us the fishing smack ‘Pioneer’ is in for routine maintenance. Pioneer looks like a brand new boat and needs a minimum of routine maintenance; a bit of recaulking here, a seacock checked there and some new paint. In fact Pioneer was built way back in 1864 at Rowhedge.

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