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12th January 2014

Big Rig Love And Mast Hugging On the Schooner Trinovante

Schooner Trinovante in Norway

Our 2014 refit has begun in earnest. John is spending a fair bit of time up in the sky doing mast hugging.

Safe sailing starts with good maintenance.
Confidence in the rig can give you a real warm feeling on a dark windy night at sea but having a smart looking rig is a pleasure in itself.

Trinovante’s rig is very traditional and hand crafted. Everything gets checked starting with the general condition then on to the detail

  • blocks
  • shackles
  • running rigging
  • all the wire, leather work and servings get a coat of lanolin which is less messy than the usual tar mix and works well.
  • all the masts are treated with linseed oil and cuprinol mix or tallow and every square inch is visually checked
  • all the electrical stuff on the mast head such as horns, aerials and the wind speed indicators is tested

Rig Gallery Photos



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