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20th September 2012

A Sublime Sailing Holiday In Norway – Annmaries Blog Post

Blindleia, near Oslo Norway.

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Saturday 11 August 2012

Sublime Sailing

From Kragero to Island Tjome, Norway

Crew members: Brenda, Andy, Caroline, Sally, Annmarie

A Sublime Sailing Holiday In Norway - Annmaries Blog Post

Day started fine and got away from Kragero by about 11am following much important showering and wine purchasing. What a charming and friendly village. John got us away from the pontoon under engine and in good order in spite of small turning space and interference from tourists who seemed to think this was a good time to ask for a visit aboard!
Beautiful clouds
John took us through the local Blindleia channel which was picturesque and very, very narrow. Full of expensive houses with pretty gardens and jetties leading down to private beaches this is an area for the Oslo wealthy to own holiday homes. The water was buzzing with small speedboats and motor vessels crowding in to have a closer look at Trinovante.
A Sublime Sailing Holiday In Norway - Annmaries Blog Post
Suddenly we were in the Skaggerag and with a strengthening force 5 and blue skies, it was time to get sail up. The team worked hard under Su’s direction to put up the jib, staysail, topsail, main and mizzen but still struggled with the names of the pins and associated ropes. Knots also still presenting a problem. All keen to learn but we were still not so much an A team, more of a Z team.

All had a turn at helm and we cracked along at a good 8 knots. Thrilling sailing and all realised exactly why we were there.

Before long, it was time for lunch. Good food, as usual, and plenty of tea got us all ready for an afternoon of helming and sunbathing.
Schooner Trinovante - the crew
At about 6pm, we proudly entered Tjome under sail and had plenty of sightseers – we must have made a majestic sight from the shore and certainly not many could have brought Trin to anchor so neatly under sail.

Su was at this point down below preparing her famous tortilla as well as nipping up on deck to make sure all was under control with the crew, anchor, etc. Multitasking is her speciality.
A Sublime Sailing Holiday In Norway - Annmaries Blog Post
We were still uncertain about our knots and pin positions by the end of the day so Su offered us a beer and a chance to review the situation before testing us again. We all scampered up on deck and roped John into our homework. By the time Su came to test us, we were word perfect and got good scores.

Finally, down below for a glass of wine, good food and excellent company. Much laughter. A brilliant day – one of the best.

Rock on John and Su! xxx

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