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6th January 2014

Visiting Alesund Norway’s Art Nouveau Town With Two Walking Maps

Visiting Alesund Norway's Art Nouveau Town With Two Walking Maps

Our Schooner Trinovante has spent quite a bit of time in Alesund over the years and (here comes the plug) you can sail from Alesund with Schoonersail in 2014 .

The first and most obvious thing to do on arrival is have a trot round town and look at the buildings.

A large part of Alesund burnt to the ground in 1904 and was rebuilt in the Jungenstil (Art Nouveau) style. Years back someone told me to ‘look up’ at buildings to see the real details so here is a gallery of photos ‘looking up’.

Every time you walk around you can spot something new.

If you are into boats the open air Sunnmøre museum is 3 miles out of town.

It majors on having a big collection of old houses in the grounds but there is also a good collection of boats both indoors and out.

A good afternoon out if the weather is fine.

Walk One  A Woodland and Fjord Side Walk

Easily accessible from the town and around 4 miles long this walk has woods, fjord side paths and high viewing points over the surrounding fjords.

The map below is not exact but you can easily find the path at the bottom of hill – just follow it through the woods and along the fjord. When you come to the furthest point it is fairly obvious where to turn back inland and there was a board with a map on it last time we were there. There are numerous paths along the wooded ridge on the way back to the Fjellstua viewing point where you can stop at the cafe for a well earned break.

Walk Two  A Hike to Sukkertoppen ‘The Sugar Top’

A very popular ‘there and back’ walk for a fine day with panoramic views of the surrounding fjords and islands.

This walk starts about two and a half miles out of town and is a steep climb. You might want to consider getting a cab to the start point or a bus. Trip Advisor also has a description of this walk

Of course you could always go shopping!

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