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20th December 2014

The Relating In Notes Of Various Adventures Northerly Towards Edinburgh.

The Relating In Notes Of Various Adventures Northerly Towards Edinburgh.

Sail Onboard in 2015

Next Summer is Baltic Season

with something for everyone.

Remote islands, cities, day sailing

and offshore voyages.

Copenhagen, Stockholm,

Szczecin, Hamburg,

Amsterdam, London.

The start of this voyage was slightly delayed by one crew member confusing  a Thames Barge with a schooner.


The less said about this the better.



Being greeted by the mate with ‘You must be Graham’ when one’s name is Anthony was also an interesting way of starting the trip.

There was a sunny evening motor to an anchorage off Harwich before Saturday dawned with thunder and lightning. The weather guessers said things would improve so after it had passed the anchor was raised.

Settling into watches, the moon setting was a spectacular sight.

There was a distant thunder storm and crew numbers grew by courtesy of two weary free loading pigeons.

After a day or so they departed in search of a decent meal.


Past Felixstow the peaceful motoring of the previous evening was quickly forgotten as Trinovante started to pitch and roll under engine with a light head wind.

Fortunately this didn’t last and sails were soon hoisted.

Down river, new crew members were instructed in how to get knotted, specifically bowlines round turn and two half hitches, sail ties etc.


Very useful.


Monday evening we had a third dramatic thunder storm that rapidly enveloped us.

In anticipation of a squall that never actually arrived sails were dropped motor on – a really brilliant experience.


One of the advantages of a steel hull and decks – you are in a Faraday cage – or so thought the resident physicist.


Nothing to worry about!

An overnight stop in Whitby enabled the crew to catch up on some sleep, climb the 199 steps to the Abbey and crack a few beers before setting off on the next afternoon high tide.

whitby - Copy

The most spectacular natural feature of the voyage was Bass Rock home to 40,000 pairs of Gannets plus a scattering of other seabirds.

Drifting past with the motor off made it clear why you should never buy a Dockside Apartment.


By Sailor V AKA C’est La Vie otherwise known as Tony, Graham…

And so the Schooner Trinovante sailed ever onwards, over the waves and along the Firth of Forth towards Edinburgh.

The crew after three thunderstorms.





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