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2nd September 2011

The Trinovante Fishing CO-OP (Or What We Got Up To On Our Sailing Holidays)

The Trinovante Fishing CO-OP (Or What We Got Up To On Our Sailing Holidays)

This blog is by SchoonerSail sailor Claire

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There I was admiring the beautiful Norwegian scenery when Lucy one of my ship mates suggested fishing.

So I tore myself away from the tea & biscuits and popped a line over the back of Trinovante under her strict instructions. Wow those hooks are sharp!

We waited and waited and not much happened and just as I said I was getting bored Lucy got a bite! How exciting! Sadly it was a bit small and John made us throw it back (awww)

However by now we both had the bug and were waiting eagerly for the next bite. And we didn’t have long to wait – both of us caught something at the same time and in seconds the back of the boat was pandemonium with buckets and lines all over the place.

Catching mackerel on a sailing holiday.

Then the grisly bit – John came along with his club and off went the fish to the great aquarium in the sky.

At this point Michael took over from me on the line whilst I undertook the priority job of making the tea (all this excitement makes a girl thirsty)

It wasn’t long before Michael got a double bite – double trouble! And then Lucy scored again so pandemonium reigned on board once more.

Preparing our catch for tea.

Mackerel ready for the pan.

So after a quick clean up we had to get down to the task of gutting the fish. John gave us good instructions of how to do it all in one go however Michael was the only one of us to master this – must be a man thing!!!

That said we all had a go and were very pleased with the results – here we are with our lovely clean fish (be careful with that knife Michael!)

Fresh Mackerel for lunch.

And very soon after the lovely Su cooked our fresh fish and the only job left for the Trinovante Fishing Cooperative was to eat it. Delicious.

Bon appetit ship mates!


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