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22nd August 2012

Extreme chill out sailing holiday.

Sunset view Norway.

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Having received the alarming news that Su & John were contemplating casting adrift their guests and doing something different next year I obtained permission from “Er Indoors” and was allowed to book TWO voyages!

Reading a book on the schooner Trinovante

Having had the voyage of a lifetime last year with just four crew I chose the Bergen to Stavanger leg, which also had just four crew booked, and as a contrast the Oslo to Copenhagen leg which was fully booked. Shortly before sailing from Bergen Su warned me to expect to enter an extreme chill out zone.

She was not joking, with breakfast at 9.00am, sail where we decided (subject to the obvious limits imposed by mother nature), and meals to die for!

A glacial lake in Norway at Sundal.

Even though I went on the same leg three years ago the itinerary was completely different, with fantastic walks up to a glacier, walks behind a huge waterfall, and overnight stays at places I would never see as a normal tourist.

Reading my book on deck at 10.30pm with just the sea birds as company, and the sea forming a mirror with the last of the days sun rays bursting through the few clouds, pure heaven.

Sunset view of a fishing village in Norway.

Fewer hands meant I learnt the workings of the boat more quickly, under the helpful supervision of Su and John, which made the six days rewarding and gratifying.
I am now looking forward to the next leg from Oslo which is fully booked.

Bring it on!

Just hoping John & Su change their minds on the future of Trinovante. Although Maggie was not for turning, more encouragement may make them see sense.


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