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5th September 2011

Our Norway Sailing Holiday – Or What The Guest Sailors Thought Part 1

Our Norway Sailing Holiday - Or What The Guest Sailors Thought Part 1

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Trinovante will be sailing in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK in 2012.

This crew sailed from Bergen to Stavanger and have been quite prolific with their blogging so their blog has been split into two halves. Read the second part here ‘Our Norway Sailing Holiday – Or What The Guest Sailors Thought Part 2.

The Bergen to Stavanger crew also wrote The Trinovante Fishing
CO-OP (Or What We Got Up To On Our Sailing Holidays)


Drinking tea on the deck of the schooner Trinovante

Rob drinking his preferred tea, redbush, on deck.

Rob and Jan

My reasons for choosing to sail on Trinovante were influenced by my brother’s recommendation & introduction to Su & John (rather exhausted after the serious painting activity & more) upon this year’s launching.

A holiday without sailing; is there such a thing? I quite fancied sailing and living on a boat larger than my usual 30 foot yacht, in pastures new, away from the crowds. Trinovante matched all of the foregoing and being traditionally rigged meant there were some new sailing challenges, quite different from my Bermudan rig.

Jan on the foredeck.

Jan on the foredeck watching the fjords slide past.

All I needed to do now was gently introduce Jan to the idea; no problems were encountered there. After meeting Su & John (then victualling for a whole season) Jan decided that this would be our belated honeymoon and added that she had always wanted to visit Norway. Brother Howard, now famous in the blog, & Sarah, who should know, assured us that we would be well fed, (and being weak willed my shipmates can testify that I succumbed to the temptations). So we committed.

I had no preconceptions of Norway, apart from Slartibartfast, (Older readers will understand) the scenery is stunning; it was difficult to put the camera down (Sorry Claire). I discovered that there is an almost infinite amount of sheltered
water to sail.

Norway on the chart plotter, an ideal place for a sailing holiday.

A chart plotter view of just some of Norways islands that streatch for over 1000 miles.

John ensured that it was no motoring holiday, caused by having rigid destinations in mind, thus we were able to sail as much as possible, all working the rig and more. Yes there is plenty to learn & adapt to one’s own sailing upon return from adventuring.

So I look forward to returning on my own boat, one day. Until I have the time it will be on Trinovante, hopefully taking friends, though, as we did, I’m sure you’d find a terrific bunch of shipmates.

Rob and Jan
Previous experience – own boat
Tea preference – Redbush (black)
Jan mug no 3, Rob mug no 2
Wine – Red,
Biscuit choice – definitely,
Technology – Yes (talk technology with Su).
Ready for another holiday? YES

Our schooner alongside in Stavanger just after the Tall Ships Race.

As we don't have a photo of Trinovante along side in Bergen here is this photo taken at the end of the week in Stavanger.


Having done a little bit of yachting up in Scotland and feeling the need to get out on the water again I was looking to book a sailing adventure. I had an interest in tall ships and always wanted to sail in Norway, so a quick search for “tail ship sailing” brought me upon Schooner Sail. The dates for their fjord and island sailing trip worked out perfectly for me so that was that….

Turning up in Bergen the boat was already attracting attention, lots of people walking past taking photos. On board and briefed, first impressions of tall ship sailing on Trinovante were that it was all generally a bit bigger and more fun than a yacht, with more sails, more seats, and
more tea all round.

Sundal hanging glacier

Sundal one of the places we visited. You can just see the hanging glacier in the backgroung.

Quickly John’s easy going approach to skippering, and Su’s wonderful food (catered down to individual requirements, with a great range of vegetarian meals for me) put us all in very happy place. While over the next seven days our hand, reef and steer skills improved to the point of usefulness, with Su having to shout “No, not that rope” far less often with a couple of competent docking and undocking manoeuvres by the end of the week!

At the helm on a schooner sailing holiday.

Glenn concentrates at the helm during some tricky down wind sailing.

Overall, a sailing holiday never to forget. I will leave with many memories of the breathtaking scenery, not least being anchored up in a picture perfect secluded anchorage with mirror still water, and sitting out on the bowsprit on lookout, as the boat makes 5 knots under sail with sunny skies on the way the fjord. Highly recommended, and I for one will be coming back next year.

Glenn’s previous experience on yachts:
5 days in Barra, Outer Hebrides. 3 day passage from Barra to Oben
Occupation: PhD student in social, genetic and developmental psychiatry
Tea preference: Earl Grey, white, no sugar. Mug no 6.
Biscuit choice: chocolate digestive


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