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5th September 2012

Sailing from Stavanger To Kristiansand, Norway

The schooner Trinovante alongside in Farsund, Norway.

Several of the crew who sailed with us from Stavanger to Kristiansand in Norway have contributed to this blog post.

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Fiona (1st voyage onboard Trinovante)

Sailing from Stavanger To Kristiansand, Norway

Does your coil make you recoil? Talk jibberish about your jib? Know how to react to ‘Sheet!!!!!!!!!’ being shouted at you (UK only – sheet /shit , ship /sheep etc ) . Well, if in doubt a leg on the Trinovante should set you to rights. Just done the Stavanger to Kristiansand leg with Sue and John. Here are some of the nice things that happened ( all the not nice things have been censored by Sue – editors note – Su says what not nice things? Can only imagine they happened in the quasi autonomous crew region beyond our remit. )

Fishakker and fishermans topsail set on a three masted schooner.

  • Peacocking on the the deck- i.e striking a confident seamanlike pose while arriving in port – clearly you are a minor celebrity deserving of the gathering multitudes videoing and photographing you …
  • Swimming in a loch, no a fjord – it’s not cold, you soft southerner sissies!
  • Eating seconds of everything – yummy chilli, tasty tortilla, curry, porky pork (if these are not on the menu clearly a refund is in order)
  • Glowing in the the heartfelt praise bestowed by Sue on my great progress in seamanship ‘you did better than yesterday’
  • Skiving off crew duty in the afternoon,reading in my uber luxurious berth (no fellow crew member’s arse in face when sleeping, space to be messy and not pack up your things in the morning, getting to heads without stamping on various body parts etc etc) watching the water froth by out of the portholes ..
  • Getting rodent bottomed on one eyewatering expensive glass (not fecking pint – this is Norway after all) of weak lager with on-board paramedic ( you might not get one on every leg..) and sneaking back on board at 10.30 to party-animal crew who happened to be all safely tucked up in bed..

Geoff (3rd voyage onboard Trinovante)< Geoff about to hoist the jib.

Good time for contemplation, lazing on the decks, nursing a mug of tea or just looking out to where the land meets the sea. Perhaps you will feel moved to try a word or several to crank up a Haiku;

We dream other dreams,
closer to reality,
on this floating world.

Then go pull on a line…

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Niki (1st voyage onboard Trinovante)

Everything I was hoping it would be – and even better !
So far 3 days sailing with 1 night at anchor and 2 moored up on quaysides. After a fantastic day sailing we would arrive at an inlet that opened up into sheltered waters with stunning scenery or moor up at the quayside of a quaint little town.

Wonderful mix of activity and relaxation – good company and moments of peaceful solace. Sea-gazing and gentle exploration. Starting the day with a cup of tea on deck and ending with a brandy while watching the sun go down.


Jess and Fiona drinking industrial wuantities of tea.

Jess (2nd voyage onboard Trinovante)

After last year’s beautiful trip up the coast of Arctic Norway, I couldn’t wait to rejoin Trinovante for another voyage. This time, a gentle cruise between Stanvanger and Kristiansand, just wish it could have been longer. Almost exclusively stunning weather, lazing on deck reading and chatting in between occasional adjustments to the sails. I seem to have progressed from feelings of complete incompetence to a level of mere incompetence, and can now coil a rope and reasonably frequently pull on the right rope when

As ever, don’t go on Trinovante to lose weight, Sue’s food has had us somehow making space for seconds every evening. On deck, Sue tells me we have made a poor effort in eating only half the tub of biscuits, combined with industrial quantities of tea.

I’m looking forward to rejoining Trinovante soon.

Last year Jess sailed to the Arctic Circle on Trinovante

One schooner crew who did lose some weight!

Nick Wilson (No. 7 mug, 1st voyage onboard Trinovante) 6th August 2012

Several boat lengths before the final decision needed to be made as to which of the quays Trinovante would select to overnight against in Farsund, armed with chart plotter, binoculars and the appropriate pilot, John suddenly announced to the mate “I’m going below for the dictionary … make sure we don’t hit anything.”

Weather permitting “the break of the quarter deck” (technical term and NOT demarked by solid brown deck markings) can be recommend for an afternoon snooze. But Port or Starboard is your choice.

Ben Ainslie won Gold in the Olympics thus surely putting him in the same league as Nelson himself.

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